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Clients Before Christmas


A 3-DAY Mini Training that will set you up for LIFE!

Limited Price $37
(price goes up to $97 after Dec 7)

What you'll get:

  • 3 Days of 3 live videos where we will cover:

    *CREATING AN IRRESISTIBLE OFFER from your current normal and non exciting offers :)

    * CLIENT ATTRACTION TECHNIQUES through compelling content and confidence building

    * CLIENT ACQUISITION using my personal strategies that I used since I started my freelancing hustle 2 years ago

  • PLUS!!!!
    * Free resources and templates
    * DM Mini Training and Scripts
    * Homework and Exercises
    * Replays will be shared


A chance to win a 1 hour 1:1 call with me at the end of the challenge. 


This strategy is what has allowed me to:

  • Make quick cash injections to my account when I need them

  • Achieve my monthly income goal consistently

  • Find new clients whenever I need them

  • Be confident that I never have to worry about where my next paycheck will come from

  • Reward myself and my loved ones with things I could never afford before

  • Reach places I never knew I would visit

  • ...and just simply to finally LIVE a REAL life that I LOVE and I am proud of.

Holiday Greetings

Give yourself the Gift of Growth this Holiday Season

Yay! You're in!
Check your inbox for the class details!
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